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Calm Studying Libraries in Istanbul

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لنساعدك باختيار انسب عقار

With the academic year coming close to an end, many students are currently burying their noses into books in an attempt
to cram a year’s worth of information into their heads. Since some students find shared dorm rooms and the loud cafes
difficult places to focus in, we thought we’d share with you some tranquil libraries to help you get through those hard
studying times.

Beyazit State Library (Devlet Kütüphanesi)

Directly next to Istanbul Technical University’s campus is the historical Beyazit State Library. It is set in a historical
building with interesting architecture, and its interior is designed to fully immerse a student into the realm of productivity.

The library is open for 24 hours and entering it is free of charge, though you must be ready with your residence permit
(kimlik) or any other up-to-date ID. Once you hand that in, you are then assigned a seat with a corresponding locker number.

Cons to visiting the state library are that it does not have a WiFi network, and the queue to entering it is pretty lengthy.
Also, workers there are public-sector officials that scarcely speak any English.

SALT Galata Research Library

Located in the heart of Istanbul’s most touristic area, SALT Library is a quiet, serene and most definitely beautiful place
to wander around and study in. Its walls are a stunning white marble, with beautiful pillars and golden engravings on its
corners, reminiscent of the beautiful Greek architecture.

Not only is it filled with comfortable studying corners, but it also provides a plethora of free resources widely ranging
from all fields of study. The studying areas are lined with power outlets to charge your electronic devices, and the library
offers free WiFi to all.

And when you thought it couldn’t get any better, inside the same building is a cafeteria that caters for all your caffeine and
snack needs. It also has a bookstore that sells English books named Robinson Crusoe 360. We definitely recommend you
pay it a visit (though there is definitely no entry fee).

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دعنا نتواصل

لنساعدك باختيار انسب عقار